GTDef: Georgia Tech Ground Deformation Software suite

This project is maintained by avnewman

Welcome to GTDef

GTDef is a set of algorithms created in Matlab for modeling kinematically-described deformation from rectangular dislocations within a half-space, or layered medium.

Created by the Newman Research Group at Georgia Tech.

Current version


Getting started

Within each version (starting with v4.0), there is a documentation directory that contains web-based step-by-step information on how to run the code, with specific case examples. The examples and documentation are also linked here.

running code is easy

# Add code to path (in Matlab)
addpath ('/path/to/GTdef/stable/') %replacing with your actual path

# requires only a simple call (in Matlab)


Link to documentation


Ting Chen, School of Geodesy and Geomatics, Wuhan University
Lujia Feng, Earth Observatory of Singapore
Derrick Murekezi, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Andrew Newman, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (maintainer)
Amy Williamson, National Tsunami Warning Center, NOAA